Meet Chip

Hi! I’m Clinton “Chip” Wells—I was raised in Houston, and I really love being the 312th Family District Court judge!


After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin and the South Texas College of Law in Houston, I decided to dedicate my career to serving Texans and their families through family-related litigation as well as personal injury representation. I spent nearly 30 years practicing law with my law partner, John McDowell, working on jury and non-jury cases across the state of Texas.


In 2018, after spending my career representing people across the state in family and civil court, I was elected as judge to the 312th Family District Court in Houston, Texas. I was sworn into office on January 1, 2019, and since that day, I have had the pleasure of bringing my decades of experience to the bench.


I believe in leading with compassion, so you will hear me mention that word a lot. It’s not a buzzword for me though; it’s a word I live by. As Judge, I understand that my decisions have a profound impact on the lives of those in my courtroom. By leading with compassion, I aim to administer justice that applies the law equitably and yields an outcome that is fair for all.


With both personal and professional experience navigating the family court system, I intimately understand the issues and emotions involved in these delicate situations. That is why I always strive to provide objective and compassionate service to everyone who approaches my bench. I believe that families are the bedrock of our society, and I am incredibly passionate about preserving family relationships whenever it is feasible. This is the passion that guides my work each and every day.


I love family… especially my family! I have been married to my beautiful wife Lily for over 25 years. I am a proud father of three as well as a doting grandfather.